The Recession !


August 05 have passed already. It’s time to get out of my shell and continue my life gently.

I knew that if I got rejected I will enter a phase of slump. I call it “The Recession”. It’s been a hard month for me, the truth is that i really wanted the job, and I dreamed about it a lot.

Anyhow, I got over this hard period. I wanted to find something to fill in my free time,  so I joined a running team with Beirut Marathon Association as we started training since the first of July to finish the 42.195 km journey on November 13.


Back to Emirates, I would like to tell all of you my lovely readers that no matter what happens in life, everything is made for a reason. I know you will be sad if you didn’t get the job after all the hard work and tuns of papers and pictures to submit, but eventually, life is leaving the best opportunity for a later time.

Take it as a nice experience: you finished the assessment day successfully, you nailed the final interview, you even got the golden call… all of this are a plus, are and added value to your life and to your dreams.

Another tip for all cabin crew candidates, just like they ask you on board to keep on smiling 😀 I ask you to smile everyday, even when things get worse, just smile and move on.

Today, I close the Emirates journey from my life, and I step forward into a new phase. I am excited what’s the next opportunity will be and how happy I am going to feel when I get it..

Thank you to everyone who supported me. Thank you to my lovely followers and readers. I love you all..

Stay Tuned to tell you all about my training with the Beirut Marathon Association.

Until then, have a Good Day… and don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you have a request, inquiry, or a question.