Our First Drill!

Our First Drill
Everyone’s Asleep

The sun is not out yet. The world is on silent mode, everyone is sleeping; Only “WE” are awake. I can hear the voices of running shoes stomping the road, forming an organized symphony from miles away.


It’s 05:30 in the morning. I woke up, put on my shorts and left the house. At 06:00 AM sharp we started running.To our left, the blue sea was flowing, welcoming us with a tranquil sensitive breath, as the sun started shattering its warm light on us.



On the Run..

20 minutes passed, and we haven’t stopped running for a second, not even for a single one. I try to focus for a while. I listen to our hearts beating as a carpenter hammering repeatedly on a piece of wood. I look at each and every one of us. We are all venturing into a new world. Despite our differences, we bond.  We are one team. No matter what the reasons are, we all signed up for Beirut 542, we all pledged to run our very first 42.195 KM, we’re in this together, and this is our journey.


7Km Later..

The workout is done. We lie down on the ground, and look high at the blue skies. Surges of air cools down our body and eases down the sweat. With every breath of air we felt more energized, we start smiling, then laughing. We are exhausted, true. But we are also very much satisfied. We don’t run just to work, to get ahead; We run for life . We run so we don’t get run over. We run to make happy memories. We run for a peaceful tomorrow, for a healthier lifestyle, for a greener community, for us to feel the beauty of planet earth.



This is the beginning of a beautiful journey. I can’t thank our dearest coaches Houry Soufian and Charbel Nasr enough for their motivation and hard work. They make the marathon a realistic target and I know that having them by my side will allow me to cross the finish line.


Another thank you goes to my team! Thank you for the support, the love and the endless laughs. This is only the start , more is yet to come. I can’t wait to discover all the secrets behind this refreshing initiative. We will not quit, because no matter what happens, eventually, we have to finish what we started, I know I do