The Final Interview

April 10, 2016

Few days after the assessment day I received the below Email from Emirates:


I wasn’t surprised to get it, since I’ve been waiting for it ever since I finalized the stages of the AD.

My interview was scheduled at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. I was asked to finish my psychometric test before I attend.

The test was very easy. There is no right or wrong answers, it is just a test that helps them analyze you psychologically :p.

I prepared all my photos, the needed papers, I even filled the paper application and went early for my interview which was held at the same place of the AD. I arrived exactly at 09:20 AM, entered the room and saw the HR in another area interviewing a candidate. 10 minutes later she came out, called my name and introduced herself. Her name is “Ghada”. She seemed a very nice and calm lady. I guess all emirates HRs have the same characteristics. She shook my hand and thanked me because I came early.

The interview started by checking if all the papers are correct as she put them in a file that has my name on it.  She was sitting opposite to me with a small laptop, and she started asking me questions about my work. I was very nervous in the beginning, but her loving face a shiny smile made me relax a bit.

The whole interview was about work experience; nothing personal at all, and no stress questions, neither situational ones. After each and every question she used to stop for almost 5 minutes to write down my answers on her laptop.

Some of the questions that she asked me:

1-      Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry customer.

2-      In details, state for me an idea or an initiative that you made for a better workplace.

3-      How would you act if your point of view doesn’t match with your manager’s point of view?

4-      Express a time when you exceeded customer’s expectation.

5-      What do you think is the most challenging part of your job?

And lots of other questions related in general to the work experience. The overall interview took around 20 to 30 minutes, not more, in addition to 10 minutes of paper work.

When she’s done asking, she queried me if I have any request. Ghada sensed that I was very nervous because of my hands shake and my confusion of words I’ve been saying, but she was always smiling and helping me to the extreme. I honestly felt that she loved me, and wanted me to pass.

Anyhow, I answered: “Yes, I do J. I want to know how I did today. So her reply was: “you will in 4 weeks.”

That was the only question I had in mind, so I thanked the HR for her time, she followed me to the door and in smiley face she said: “Hsen, it was very nice to meet you, and I wish you have a nice day.”

In return, I smiled back and said: “Thank you. You are so nice, and I wish you have a wonderful day as well.”

I left the hotel and went for a coffee to remove all the stress.


I can honestly say that it wasn’t a hard interview. In fact, the easiest interview I’ve ever had. But maybe because it was my dream job I was so nervous about it. The HR was very friendly and realistic. No stress questions at all like most companies do, and treating candidates as if they’re her friends.


The day went well. I wasn’t imagining to get accepted, but I could do nothing at the moment. Another waiting process has started for an unknown time. Some blogs online do mention that Emirates send rejection letters within the first Two weeks. So, if you didn’t get any reply with this period it means you’re accepted.

Eventually, I want to tell you, no matter what happens don’t give up and never stop dreaming. Live the moment, and feel the vibes of every happy memory. If you really believe that becoming a Cabin Crew will change your life for a better one, then you will get it. Just believe in yourself…

Stay up next for the Golden Call, and don’t ever hesitate to ask me any question you want. I’ll be more than happy to assist and waiting to hear your experience as well.

With Love