Online Application & The Invitation Email!


The story started on a late PM shift at my work. I had a friend of mine whom I’ve heard recently that he joined Emirates, and is now a Cabin Crew at their airlines. I decided to give it a chance, after all, one of my biggest dreams is to become a cabin crew and travel the world. I entered the website¬†Emirates Group Careers, as I created a new account and submitted my application.


Around 5 or 6 weeks later I received the below Email:


The mail clearly stated that Emirates Recruitment team are visiting my country, and I am invited to submit my CV in person to one of their Human Resources staff. Though I didn’t get the meaning of the “Assessment Day” in the first place, but later on during the day I worked it out.

Online Application is very important for Emirates. Sure you can always attend any assessment day near you, even without applying online (in case it was an Open Day); but later on you’ll have to complete the online application to compensate working with them.


You can always check the assessment days on the following link: Emirates Assessment Days .

Coming next: The Assessment Day

Stay Tuned my lovely readers.