Finally, this is how they break your Heart!


June 06, 2016

It was a regular Monday. Apparently, Mondays come up with good news and bad ones as well.

I received the below Email from Emirates:



It clearly stated that my Employment Offer has been withdrawn; but it wasn’t clearly stated why.

For the first moment in my life I freeze. I couldn’t believe what just happened, as I went over the Email again and again perhaps I find a little hope inside it. But no. Its over :/

I really hate to let you all down, but honestly I wanted to show you how does the procedure goes during The Emirates Recruitment Process; i.e. even after the golden call you might get rejected for several reasons, that I will illustrate in what follows.

The dream is over now, I entered a stage of depression for a while: I wasn’t eating well, I was sleeping a lot, I tried to contact Emirates back to see what can I do, and how I can get the job back.. but NO. None of this would work. As you get the Offer Withdrawal Email, they start closing your application. Some of my friends told me that my withdrawal came due to visa issues. Especially because I’m Lebanese, and the situation is a bit messed up nowadays in Lebanon.. but in reality you can never know what’s the exact reason behind it.

It could be something in your medications, or your passport, or even your personal info. No one knows.

Anyhow, so I got rejected. To be honest, I’m not the first one who reaches this stage and finally get rejected. Lots of people have been there. But no matter what, I blame Emirates for the way they deal with their staff. I mean, if they are really professional, they would have asked for my papers, my medications and my passport before the golden call, and if I got the final acceptance then, it is the right time to call and congratulate the candidate. After all, employees are internal customers, and should be treated in a mannered way.

Eventually, I  don’t want to make this a long article, I just wanted to tell you that am all better now. It was a nice experience, as I feel proud of myself that I reached the final stages of their recruitment process. Nevertheless, I won’t be applying again for their company ever after. I believe it wasn’t meant to be, and life is hiding for me a bigger opportunity.

Till today, I’m still living in Lebanon. I haven’t traveled in my life. I still dream of this moment when I will be on a plane, and it flies to the endless world, where I shall follow my biggest dream of travelling the whole universe and discovering its secrets.

Again, good luck with your Emirates journey. Hope you don’t get disappointed in the end just like what happened with me. And if you did, don’t be sad, ’cause life is full of chances, and you never know when it is your time to shine…

Please don’t hesitate to contact me,

my lovely readers..

Lots of Love