Finally, this is how they break your Heart!


June 06, 2016

It was a regular Monday. Apparently, Mondays come up with good news and bad ones as well.

I received the below Email from Emirates:



It clearly stated that my Employment Offer has been withdrawn; but it wasn’t clearly stated why.

For the first moment in my life I freeze. I couldn’t believe what just happened, as I went over the Email again and again perhaps I find a little hope inside it. But no. Its over :/

I really hate to let you all down, but honestly I wanted to show you how does the procedure goes during The Emirates Recruitment Process; i.e. even after the golden call you might get rejected for several reasons, that I will illustrate in what follows.

The dream is over now, I entered a stage of depression for a while: I wasn’t eating well, I was sleeping a lot, I tried to contact Emirates back to see what can I do, and how I can get the job back.. but NO. None of this would work. As you get the Offer Withdrawal Email, they start closing your application. Some of my friends told me that my withdrawal came due to visa issues. Especially because I’m Lebanese, and the situation is a bit messed up nowadays in Lebanon.. but in reality you can never know what’s the exact reason behind it.

It could be something in your medications, or your passport, or even your personal info. No one knows.

Anyhow, so I got rejected. To be honest, I’m not the first one who reaches this stage and finally get rejected. Lots of people have been there. But no matter what, I blame Emirates for the way they deal with their staff. I mean, if they are really professional, they would have asked for my papers, my medications and my passport before the golden call, and if I got the final acceptance then, it is the right time to call and congratulate the candidate. After all, employees are internal customers, and should be treated in a mannered way.

Eventually, I  don’t want to make this a long article, I just wanted to tell you that am all better now. It was a nice experience, as I feel proud of myself that I reached the final stages of their recruitment process. Nevertheless, I won’t be applying again for their company ever after. I believe it wasn’t meant to be, and life is hiding for me a bigger opportunity.

Till today, I’m still living in Lebanon. I haven’t traveled in my life. I still dream of this moment when I will be on a plane, and it flies to the endless world, where I shall follow my biggest dream of travelling the whole universe and discovering its secrets.

Again, good luck with your Emirates journey. Hope you don’t get disappointed in the end just like what happened with me. And if you did, don’t be sad, ’cause life is full of chances, and you never know when it is your time to shine…

Please don’t hesitate to contact me,

my lovely readers..

Lots of Love





The Golden Call


May 16, 2016

It’s Monday, a day that everyone hates. It was a regular day at work. My phone was at my office, while I was in the kitchen preparing something to drink, as I heard it ringing. I went out to check whose calling and I found a long number that starts with (+971…). I knew it was from Emirates. After all, I don’t have any friends from Dubai; neither had applied for an opportunity there except at Emirates Airlines.

My heart started bumping very fast. I picked the phone and answered, and below is the exact chat that happened between me and Mrs. Rachel who was responsible for my joining formalities:

–          Me: Hello

–          Rachel: Hello, I’m speaking to you from Emirates Airlines, is this Hussein Khalil?

–          Me: Yes, it’s me… (heart beating)

–          Rachel: I’m calling to inform you that you have been accepted for the position of cabin crew at our airlines, congratulations, and I’ll need you to finish some papers before joining.

–          Me: OMG! That’s awesome…

–          Rachel: First, I want to know if you are joining us from Beirut.

–          Me: Yes, that’s right.

–          Rachel: and how much notice period do you need to give your current employer?

–          Me: I’m working right now at Spinneys Call Center, and I need 30 days as a notice period.

–          Rachel: alright, and do you have a passport?

–          Me: I do, but it’s expired.

–          Rachel: okay, so you need to prepare a new one with 5 years of validity. How much time do you think you can do this?

–          Me: around one week.

–          Rachel: great. One more thing is that I will give you your Date of Joining which is Aug 05, 2016. Please do not resign from your position until we advise you to do so. And finally, you will receive soon an Email that will gives you access to our online portal in order to submit all the needed papers before you commence working with us.

–          Me: okay, that’s awesome. I will be waiting.

–          Rachel: thank you, and have a nice day.

–          Me: Thank you so much you are so sweet, and I wish you have a wonderful day.

Exactly, and in details, this is what happens during the Golden Call. The lady on the other side of the phone is very nice, calm and classy. But she speaks in a very fast way.

images (2)

Anyhow, 10 seconds after I closed the line I received an Email concerning the online portal and the joining formalities.

The portal is very easy to work with. It is divided into three steps on the left side, and many headlines on the right side. The left one shows you the documents you need to submit, the phases to follow, whether a task is completed or not, and when you are allowed to start with the next duty. The first three jobs where the hardest: reading a 5 pages contract and accepting it, submitting medical reports, passport copy and pictures, as well as finishing an online joiner’s form with all your personal information.

I finished all the steps within 2 weeks, and another phase of the waiting game started. I had to wait in order to receive the “Advice to Resign” Email, before continuing the joining formalities. It’s how the system works.

On the right of the portal you will find some useful links about your rights, your accommodation, Dubai’s life, and more details about the overall duties as a Cabin crew. It is very important to read all the notes; they’re really helpful.

Finally, it is important to mention that you shall not resign from your work unless advised to by your HR coordinator. The portal states this sentence clearly on the home page with a red color. I feel that this is because Emirates at this time are not sure about you. They need to be certain that you don’t have any medical conditions, neither legal issues before you commence working with them.

As usual, don’t hesitate to ask any question you might have, and good luck with your Emirates journey.  Try to enjoy it as much as you can, because eventually you will only get this opportunity once in a lifetime, so don’t miss it out. As for me, I cannot honestly tell you how much excited and joyful I am for every single step I am taking with them. They are the reason I started smiling again, after several black days. Today, I feel that life is turning around on Aug 05 as I will start a new chapter filled with enthusiasm, good energy, and happy memories from all over the world.

A cabin crew job is one of a kind. It is made for people who hate routine and look for something new within their career; specifically with Emirates. Not only because they fly to more than 150 destinations, but because they work on the overall development of their staff, and helps them grow with time to reach high levels of success and customers satisfaction. A job with Emirates is a treasure, even though I haven’t started working with them yet, but I can already feel it.


Again, best of wishes with your Emirates trip, I’ll be waiting to hear your experience. I hope to meet you one day in Dubai (maybe we could be flat mates). And please don’t hesitate to contact me for any question or inquiry that I can help you with.

Lots of Love

Hsen 💙


The Final Interview

April 10, 2016

Few days after the assessment day I received the below Email from Emirates:


I wasn’t surprised to get it, since I’ve been waiting for it ever since I finalized the stages of the AD.

My interview was scheduled at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. I was asked to finish my psychometric test before I attend.

The test was very easy. There is no right or wrong answers, it is just a test that helps them analyze you psychologically :p.

I prepared all my photos, the needed papers, I even filled the paper application and went early for my interview which was held at the same place of the AD. I arrived exactly at 09:20 AM, entered the room and saw the HR in another area interviewing a candidate. 10 minutes later she came out, called my name and introduced herself. Her name is “Ghada”. She seemed a very nice and calm lady. I guess all emirates HRs have the same characteristics. She shook my hand and thanked me because I came early.

The interview started by checking if all the papers are correct as she put them in a file that has my name on it.  She was sitting opposite to me with a small laptop, and she started asking me questions about my work. I was very nervous in the beginning, but her loving face a shiny smile made me relax a bit.

The whole interview was about work experience; nothing personal at all, and no stress questions, neither situational ones. After each and every question she used to stop for almost 5 minutes to write down my answers on her laptop.

Some of the questions that she asked me:

1-      Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry customer.

2-      In details, state for me an idea or an initiative that you made for a better workplace.

3-      How would you act if your point of view doesn’t match with your manager’s point of view?

4-      Express a time when you exceeded customer’s expectation.

5-      What do you think is the most challenging part of your job?

And lots of other questions related in general to the work experience. The overall interview took around 20 to 30 minutes, not more, in addition to 10 minutes of paper work.

When she’s done asking, she queried me if I have any request. Ghada sensed that I was very nervous because of my hands shake and my confusion of words I’ve been saying, but she was always smiling and helping me to the extreme. I honestly felt that she loved me, and wanted me to pass.

Anyhow, I answered: “Yes, I do J. I want to know how I did today. So her reply was: “you will in 4 weeks.”

That was the only question I had in mind, so I thanked the HR for her time, she followed me to the door and in smiley face she said: “Hsen, it was very nice to meet you, and I wish you have a nice day.”

In return, I smiled back and said: “Thank you. You are so nice, and I wish you have a wonderful day as well.”

I left the hotel and went for a coffee to remove all the stress.


I can honestly say that it wasn’t a hard interview. In fact, the easiest interview I’ve ever had. But maybe because it was my dream job I was so nervous about it. The HR was very friendly and realistic. No stress questions at all like most companies do, and treating candidates as if they’re her friends.


The day went well. I wasn’t imagining to get accepted, but I could do nothing at the moment. Another waiting process has started for an unknown time. Some blogs online do mention that Emirates send rejection letters within the first Two weeks. So, if you didn’t get any reply with this period it means you’re accepted.

Eventually, I want to tell you, no matter what happens don’t give up and never stop dreaming. Live the moment, and feel the vibes of every happy memory. If you really believe that becoming a Cabin Crew will change your life for a better one, then you will get it. Just believe in yourself…

Stay up next for the Golden Call, and don’t ever hesitate to ask me any question you want. I’ll be more than happy to assist and waiting to hear your experience as well.

With Love


The Assessment Day

. March 26,2016

Almost two weeks after I got the invitation Email, the day have come. I woke up at 06:00 in the morning, shaved my beard till it became as soft as a baby’s butt :p, dressed up like professionals, printed my CV, a passport size photo, the invitation Email, and there I was ready to start the long journey.

The dress code was clearly stated in the invitation Email:

Ladies -: Knee length skirt/ dress with skin colored stockings
Men -: Suit & Tie

I arrived to the hotel exactly at 09:00 AM.The room was packed with 170 men and women sharing the same dream. Everyone took a seat inside a huge hole, where a very nice lady called “Mirna” welcomed us. She was the HR coordinator and the one who is going to asses our performance and eligibility to become a cabin crew throughout the day. She seemed very friendly and calm all the time, even though the noise of 170 persons sitting in one room couldn’t  allow her to speak freely.

The day started by a video about the Cabin Crew life at Emirates (I found it later on YouTube: Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Recruitment and another PowerPoint presentation about the benefits of a Cabin Crew, Dubai’s lifestyle, the accommodation, the weather, Dubai’s Laws… etc. To most of us, or maybe all, didn’t care about anything except the benefits. Though, you can find them on the Emirates Website under the following link: Cabin Crew Benefits, but what you cannot find is the salary.

Briefly, your basic salary will start with AED 4,220/month + AED 57/on hourly basis (avg. 80-100 hrs/month) which is equal to : around AED 9,350/month – Tax Free. Keep in mind that flying hours are calculated at the moment the Airplane leaves the airport till it arrives to another airport. Which means, all the time before and after that is not considered “Flying Hours”. Also, in the first 6 weeks, you will be undergoing rough training, thus you will only get your basic salary (no flying hours). Finally, in addition to that, you get pocket money each time you reach a specific country in order to buy food and stuff, keeping in mind that you have 8 days OFF per month and 30 Annual leaves each year.

To be honest, the salary is attracting! I mean, I never thought I could earn this much by becoming a flight attendant, and this is what made me get excited more to continue the day and nail that assessment process.

Presentations are done now. Mirna asked us to pass small application papers to fill (your name, your age, nationality, online application #, your Email, and if you have ever attended a final interview with them). The final question is the golden one in fact. Emirates would never allow you to apply again for this position if you have been interviewed by them within 6 months period. I had no idea what this rule is all about but any how I skipped it. Later on we were asked to align up and pass by, one by one, to submit the application and our CVs. Each applicant must declare if he/she has any visible tattoos, birthmarks, or scars; if you do, you are directly rejected – another golden rule.

Anyway, I submitted my CV and the first waiting process started. Again, it’s the First Waiting Process.I had to wait more than one hour for everyone to submit his application, as well, for the nice lady to read all the CVs and pick the right candidates. She usually searches for young dynamic people, good looking, with strong communication skills, as well as having a great experience in the customer service field. She gave each one of us a number. Mine was “10”. I fell in love with it in the first place, and I knew that it was a lucky number for me. On this day, you have to forget about your name !! ‘Cause you will be called with your number.

One hour has gone and the results were up. Mirna got out of the room, and hanged on the wall the numbers that were successfully chosen to start the assessment day. From around 170 candidates, 55 were chosen (less than half of us). This shows us how hard the selection process is, and how lucky and professional you should be in order to pass the huge day.

Happily, my number was on the selected candidates paper. At a later stage, we were asked to be divided into three teams (with 20 persons in each team approximately) to start the assessment process. Below you will find in a list the stages that I went through. Please keep in mind that after every stage, we were all asked to get out of the room and wait for the result. On each stage around 4 or 5 persons will be asked to leave.

. The Assessment Process: 

1- Height Reach and Language Skills Tests:

Each and everyone of us, again, must declare if he/she has any tattoos, birthmarks or scars. Emirates care for this a lot. They want their employees to be at their highest level of neatness and good looks. After that, we were asked to make the reach test. We have to be able to reach 210 cm barefoot. You can stand on your tiptoe. Everyone who can’t reach the mentioned height will be asked to leave.

Upon finishing this, each one of us were given a character (ex: painter, photographer, dancer… etc). Mine was “astronomer”. We were asked to give three characteristics about it, that helps him/her maintain his job professionally and successfully.

My answer was as the following: “An astronomer must have a strong personality, fast thinking, and a brave heart in order to find solutions for any obstacles that he/she might face in the outer space.”

The HR coordinator doesn’t give feedback at all during the assessment process. She only write notes down, and finally gives the result at the end of each stage.

The test was over. The second waiting process started. We had to wait outside for almost 40 minutes in order for the other two teams to finish.

I nailed the first stage :). Around 30 candidates were selected from the 55.

2- Group Discussion/Communication Skills Test:

In this stage, you will be given a case study and you have to discuss it all as a team and choose the best solution for it.

Our case was the bellow:

“You are a hotel manager. A technical error happened with the hotel reservation system, and only two rooms were left, where 8 customers are in urgent need for a room as they reserved their spot online.

You have to choose among the following, which Two clients you will give them the room to and why. Your customers are as follows:

  • a loyal client
  • a party girl who’s having a fashion show at your hotel
  • a politician whose making a conference at your hotel on the other day
  • a family with an urgent hospital appointment near the hotel
  • a reporter/writer
  • a traveler
  • a husband and his wife on honeymoon
  • a new customer to the hotel

We are supposed to work as a team, and pick two customers with the interpretation.

Luckily on this stage the overall team did great.

A small tip from myself: at this stage do not voice your point of view. Always make sure to agree with what others are saying. Because if you voice your opinion, the HR will understand that you will not obey the rules if you are employed by them. So pay attention to this point if you really want to get the job.

The stage isn’t over yet. After we picked the two clients, the HR asked us, one by one, what will you say to the other customers, and how you will make it up to them, knowing that all the hotels in the country are jam packed!!

You have to be creative at this level. You have to be smart in choosing the right solution, and offering the customer a good replacement for this incident.

The test was over. The third waiting process started. We waited around an hour and half for the other teams to finish.

I nailed this stage ^_^. Around 20 candidates were left.

3- English Exam:

We were given a 6 pages English test.

The exam was not hard neither easy. It’s a multiple choice questions on different topics (mainly aviation) with texts to analyze, grammar sections, and communication skills test.

I finished my exam within 30 minutes. Here comes the forth waiting process. It took around an hour in order for everyone to finish the exam and for the HR to correct it.

Again, I nailed the exam. 18 candidates were selected and invited to the final interview. We filled some papers, and given an application to fill, some photos to prepare, as well finish an online psychometric test before we attend the final interview.


Due to the large number of candidates (18 is a large number for Emirates) my final interview were postponed till April. I was positive to hear this because I needed some time to prepare all the needed papers and finish the online test.

The day was over. We finished at 06:00 PM. I was extremely tired, but so much excited for the next stage. I was so sure I was going to get the job, I even had people around me supporting and helping me pass all the stages.

I cannot tell you how much excited I was and all the positive vibes I’ve been feeling. It felt like my dream is finally coming true, and this is the start of something new. The idea is that I’ve never traveled in my life, and this is why I was extremely excited to start this journey no matter what it takes.

Stay tuned my lovely readers, I’m sharing with you what happened in the Final Interview soon and how did I nailed it to the golden call.

Please don’t hesitate to post any comment or question you have. I will be more than happy to answer them all.

Hope to see you one day.



Online Application & The Invitation Email!


The story started on a late PM shift at my work. I had a friend of mine whom I’ve heard recently that he joined Emirates, and is now a Cabin Crew at their airlines. I decided to give it a chance, after all, one of my biggest dreams is to become a cabin crew and travel the world. I entered the website Emirates Group Careers, as I created a new account and submitted my application.


Around 5 or 6 weeks later I received the below Email:


The mail clearly stated that Emirates Recruitment team are visiting my country, and I am invited to submit my CV in person to one of their Human Resources staff. Though I didn’t get the meaning of the “Assessment Day” in the first place, but later on during the day I worked it out.

Online Application is very important for Emirates. Sure you can always attend any assessment day near you, even without applying online (in case it was an Open Day); but later on you’ll have to complete the online application to compensate working with them.


You can always check the assessment days on the following link: Emirates Assessment Days .

Coming next: The Assessment Day

Stay Tuned my lovely readers.


Welcome !


My name is Hsen. I’m from Lebanon. I created this blog to share my personal experience with Emirates Airlines when I applied for the position of Cabin Crew (or as they call it: Stewards II).

The idea behind running this blog came out after I found other blogs talking about the same topic, as they were very beneficial for me to pass the recruitment process till its final levels. Thus, I am sharing my story perhaps it will benefit all the new applicants and help them get the job.

On the other hand, you might find some stories or articles about traveling in general, love, dreams, and other life stuff.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to post any question, and I will do my best to answer all correctly as much information I have, or you can contact me privately on:


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